Hey Boy it's Your Birthday Cake

Hey Boy it's Your Birthday Cake

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 One whiff of this fragrance and you'll be hooked. Lots of buttery, creamy, and vanilla aroma
Why you'll love our candles:
- Massage oil candles
- Made with essential oils
- Strong Scent Candle
- Candle Last Longer
- Beautiful room- filling fragrance
- Made with 100% Soy Wax

Dimensions: Height: 3.5 Inches; Width: 2.875 Inches

Candle size- 10oz


* Do not leave your candle unattended or lit more than 3 hours! 
* Before each burn trim your wick to improve an even burn. 
* Never leave your candle unattended, around children, pets, or near flammable material.
* Always place on a stable, level and heat resistant surface.

Note Profile:
Top: Buttercream, Sugar
Middle: Cream, Honey
Base: Vanilla

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