About Us

Just a little Background Story:

Beginning in 2015, Ari's Craft Box, named after the founder's daughter, Arianna, became quickly known for creating custom beaded earrings and pens. While maintaining a full time job and being a full time mother, the owner, Shakyra's imagination began to grow. She expanded in making custom t- shirts, mugs, and personalized gifts for special occasions.

In 2019, following a series of events, Shakyra lost her job. Instead of allowing these events lead her to failure, Ari's Craft Box began to flourish! Trying to figure out finances and really life in general, Shakyra's love for candles eventually lead to the next major product launch. From creating a few scents here and there for friends and family, she began to expand from 5 scents to 17! Each fragrance was created with a feeling or emotion in mind that she wanted to be transferred through the product. These scents ranged from sweet and fruity to a laid back relaxation feeling. Once she mastered that, it became another craft in her box.
Her life had a new purpose totally different than she'd ever imagined. Shakyra is determined to show the world you can craft anything you put your mind to, as long as you have a passion behind all that you do!